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In times when the physical capabilities of athletes have reached their maximum level, what needs more training and developing is the athlete's brain. The brain is the key to success.

In times when the physical capabilities of athletes have reached their maximum level, what remains to be trained and developed is the athlete's brain. It is the key to success. In most sports, the winner isn’t always the fastest athlete, but the one who can make the right decision in the shortest possible time.With TestYouBrain, you can develop your brain in many areas and that translates into better results in your sport. A well-trained brain allows the body to go beyond its natural limits.

Testyou brain is an innovative device that allows physicians and rehabilitators to support in theraphy after traumatic therapy. Can be use in hospitals and clinics worldwide as device to aid in rehabilitation programs that address TBI, stroke, low vision, driver re-training and other visual motor and neurocognitive conditions. With the ability to display countless combinations of colorful shapes and backgrounds, you can perform Daltonistic tests for children, adults, occupational groups like professional drivers, pilots and uniformed services.

The potential of of children's brain needs to grow since the earliest years. Thanks to the TESTYOU BRAIN we can teach and stimulate the brain of a child with many different stimuli such as light, colors, shapes, sounds. Active Fun is always the best and most attractive way to learn and develop his or her brain.

Your brain never retires, so do everything you can to keep it in good shape for as long as possible. Exercises with TESTYOUBRAIN allow your body and mind to stay in shape for a very long time.
The variety of training programs allow you to use TESTYOUBRAIN at any age and give you amazing results.



  • decision time
  • peripheral vision
  • reaction time
  • coordination
  • speed
  • agility
  • learning ability
  • concentration
  • and much more..


Included :

  • 6 x TESTYOU BRAIN semaphore
  • 6 x standard mounts
  • 1 x charging cable
  • 1 x case
  • mobile APP
  • endless test&training possibilities


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